Why use a specialist recruiter?

Answer this, would you go to a doctor if you had toothache? No, you would go to a dentist wouldn’t you? I myself would do anything to avoid a dentist appointment but the point I’m trying to make is, you visit a specialist to resolve specific issues. Why else do doctors recommend you see a specialist after all? It’s the same in recruitment too.


If you wanted a new job and you had a very particular set of experience and skills, or you needed to hire for a specific role which meant you needed certain niche skills and experience, you should use a specialist recruiter. Why should you? Because it’s their daily bread and butter, and it’s the best service you can find. You want the best, you go to the best.


Dedicated to Construction, Engineering & Manufacturing

That’s what we do here at Marton Recruitment, we are specialist recruiters in Kent. We cover the Construction, Engineering, and the Industrial Manufacturing sectors, with the Marton Recruitment brand having seen over 40 years in recruiting and still going strong. Now this isn’t to discredit any other recruiters that aren’t specialists in certain industries, but as specialists in our industries we possess so many more advantages when taking on a role in our sector.


A generic recruiter would not have a vast amount of resources or experience as a specialist because their time is not hundred percent dedicated to a specific industry. We specialise within our roles because we learn as we go, by talking and associating with the people that work these roles and have studied to become an Engineer for example. We visit the sites, study the jobs and learn everything required of a job role that we take on because all our focus in recruiting is dedicated to each of our specialisms.


Specialist recruiter = save time and money

Extremely niche roles can often take months to fill. This is often due to the mistake that a company hasn’t outsourced the role to a specialist recruiter because they haven’t done the research. The research that we do. We could potentially fill the role in half the time, and then this ends up costing the company more then what they thought they would have saved by not using recruiters, irony right? The point of being a specialist recruiter is to save both time and money for a company by providing the best quality of service available, and allowing them to focus on what they do, rather then what we can do for them; because we do it better.


Providing quality in the recruitment industry

Sometimes it’s hard for potential candidates too because often their desired role isn’t available. With the contacts a specialist recruiter has at their disposal they can take an exceptional candidate and gain a role that perhaps wasn’t advertised because they will have built that reputation of providing quality in the industry. Having knowledge that we dedicate ourselves to acquiring, we connect and forge relationships between candidates and clients.


James – Resourcer, Marton Recruitment