What to avoid during your first interview

Make sure that there is a dialogue and not a monologue throughout the interview. Let the discussion flow from both sides. Don’t play “tennis” alone, it’s a game for at least two. Be polite, sociable, make sure that the non-verbal language of your body transmits the same message as the words you are pouring.

It’s not all about you

Avoid “Me” questions or topics related to what the company does. As well as anything about sick days, strange requests for holidays or other concessions that could affect your image even before you start. It would be perfect if you can stick to just one idea per question. Try not to be boring. Ask logical questions in order to show your interest in the company and the position you applied for.

Embrace questions that bring valuable answers

Don’t pretend to be interested, be really keen to find out more about the company. The interview is done on both sides, not just on a single part of the “barricade”. Don’t complicate things, keep everything as structured as possible. Maintain your ideas and questions in order. “Yes” and “No” questions are not the best choice for a first interview. Highlight throughout the interview what benefits you can bring to the company if you would be a part of the team.

Just once in a lifetime

Don’t forget! You can create a first impression only once: the first time. Don’t miss it! You can not fix it or recreate it again. It matters also how you dress. Be conscious how you decide to get dressed or present yourself visually for the interview. Make sure you look like a professional.

Good luck from our team @ Marton Recruitment!