What do I need to bring to register with a recruitment agency?

It can be scary walking into a recruitment agency for the first time to register for work. We would like to provide you a handy list of things you should take to the agency. And a few questions you might be asked.


Essential documents

You will need to bring your right to work documents with you. This could mean a valid passport or ID card, if needed a valid biometric card/valid VISA, and a full birth certificate (this is only applicable for British Nationals). Also a proof of the National Insurance number. This can be the card, a payslip valid within the last 12 months, a P60 or a P45, and it must be dated within the last 12 months.


Bank details

You will need your bank details for temporary work. You only need to disclose these if you are looking for temporary work as all of your wages will be paid into that account.


Your up to date CV

A CV. Please make sure it is up to date and includes your work history. The recruiter will ask you if you were temping or permanent and about details of the jobs you were doing. If you don’t have a CV they will still ask you about your work experience. If you have none just be honest, after all we all have to start somewhere! Check here How to write a good CV.



Do your research on the agency you are looking to register with. Most agencies now will specialise in a certain sector or area and they will ask you to begin with what kind of work  you are looking for. And then explain if they can or cannot help you.


Registration process

Once an agency has work for you they will explain in detail about the role, where it is and the duration of the assignment. It is up to you if you wish to take on the role. At this stage most agencies will complete the registration process with the signing of contracts.


Be honest

If you do not want to do a job that is offered to you, then please inform the recruitment agency at the point of offering. Please don’t take it and then not turn up or let the agency know on the day of the shift you won’t go. The recruiter will appreciate your honesty more at the time rather than letting them down.


Samantha – Industrial Team Leader, Marton Recruitment