We need to continue engineering a better world

There is a lot of debate surrounding the issue of global waste and global warming. And how to go about tackling both these issues. Current global waste levels sit at an alarmingly high amount and that is only looking likely to increase in the years to come. Currently, the levels are around a couple billion tonnes of global waste and it’s been estimated to grow by more than 50% by the middle of the century.


According to Greenpeace, the ocean alone is full of a shocking thirteen million tonnes of plastic! Do we really want to leave this world for generations to come, only for them to look back on us as and point the finger of blame?


So what are we to do? Well, action is starting to be taken. Companies are being pressured into being ‘green’ and doing their part in reducing their waste output: for example, Adidas vowed only to use recycled plastics by the year 2024. They are not alone either as there are many other global companies taking similar action. I myself try to do my part by using a reusable water bottle when I can… I could more though… if I’m honest.


Reduce on waste


The action taken to improve the world’s environment is not without the creative and innovative ideas and inventions being designed and developed by people like our Engineers. We are able to reduce on waste now because we reform recycled waste with machines, waste such as plastic and cardboard, for reuse repeatedly.


Products and its packaging are being researched into becoming biodegradable materials as an alternative to keep our streets and sewers cleaner in case of negligent waste. There was also the plastic bag charge that was introduced; this was not so much an engineer’s idea but it demonstrates how far the imagination is being pushed to save our planet.


Reduce waste


Engineers are problem solvers and we love them


Engineers are problem solvers, and they have been a vital part of the ever-turning wheel of progress and the demands of an ever-changing climate. Look at the automotive industry as a prime example. Global warming and the clampdown on emissions has led to a complete redesign of the structure of the engines for not just cars, also motorbikes, trains, planes, you name it! No more are the diesel guzzling monsters of twenty years ago.


New restrictions have seen the rise of hybrid cars that combine the fuel engine with an eco-friendly electrical one, with even some vehicles actually solely electrical powered. Some extremely talented engineers would have been an important part of those projects on helping create arguably the biggest dynamic shift the automotive industry has known.


The need for the next generation of engineers is vital


So many amazing and imaginative engineering creations are spawning around the world as we try to become a ‘greener’ planet with renewable energy too. Giant wind turbines, solar panels and hydroelectric plants are a few of the standout technological achievements we have introduced. Even in our households all our electrical items are tweaked and improved to deliver more economical performances, while still improving on the original quality!


The need for the next generation of engineers is vital and students of all ages must be encouraged on a path to such careers alike. The need for this current generation to keep developing and moving forward too is imperative to our planets ‘greener’ future. There has never been a more exciting time to follow a career down an engineering path as we look to shape a healthier tomorrow. You can read about the future of recruitment in the engineering sector here. And to steal a quote from one of my favourite fictions: ‘even the smallest person can change the course of the future.’


James – Engineering Consultant, Marton Recruitment