Videos are the future of Recruitment

Technology catches up with everyone, and it terrifies a vast amount of people still to this day. But to those who embrace the new, it becomes a tool to greater and more exciting opportunities. Marton Recruitment is no stranger to embracing these new technologies.


Video technology has become a huge part of the 21st Century day to day life. And in the last decade or so we have moved so far from its origin in the mid-20th century. What was originally exclusive to a lucky few is now owned in the homes, and even pockets of a huge percentage of the world’s population.


We love videos

We chat to family and friends across the globe using video software. We record memorable moments every day from our phones and tablets to treasure forever. We even broadcast our lives on a daily basis and post the content on social media as a form of entertainment to others.


Everyone has the ability to post a video onto the internet and many have embraced this format to their benefit. A great example of this being the Marvel franchise trailer release of ‘Avengers: End Game’ which gained just short of 300 million views in its first 24 hours. You can’t put a value to that kind of powerful advertising.


How we use technology for recruitment

At Marton Recruitment, we use video software provided by ‘Hinterview’ to improve our recruitment processes and offer more to our clients in terms of quality and service. We are able to record our interviews with our candidates and send them to clients so they can watch it as though they are at the interview themselves.


Being able to provide this service has numerous advantages to all involved. Being able to give our clients so much more than just a CV application to a role is hugely beneficial as they are able to see exactly how the candidate comes across in interview conditions. You can never underestimate the power of a face to face conversation and at Marton Recruitment we value a personal touch. Video software also becomes just as vital when dealing with candidates living large distances away from ourselves or the customer.


We can tailor the video interview

Setting up a video interview with anyone around the UK or even the globe for that matter takes only minutes and anyone who in recruitment knows that time is vital to the service. We also value our clients’ time above our own and being able to provide a video of a candidate’s interview saves them time. We can tailor make the interview to a client’s questions so they can see in advance if it is worth progressing the candidate and meeting them for their own interview.


The video interviews we have been creating have been receiving strong feedback from our customers. They have been quickly able to progress the relevant candidates with the videos providing far more information relevant to the client then a CV.


The greatest advantage that has been found is that we have had candidates actually progress and place in roles because of the video interviews we have provided, when the candidates CV alone would not have progressed with the client. Often new clients are surprised when we explain our video processes we have introduced, but by explaining the great advantages it offers they quickly become intrigued.


Videos have become such a major part of the modern world, but in recruitment it hasn’t been universally welcomed yet. We aim to demonstrate why it should be. Here at Marton Recruitment we don’t just want to ride the train of technological advancements, we want to drive it.


James – Engineering Consultant, Marton Recruitment