Use your previous experience in your new role

Hi! I am Lilli, the latest addition to the team here at Marton Recruitment. I have started working here in 2018, on the temporary side of the business. This has been my first position in recruitment and I am loving this fast paced sector I have come into.

After my training and a few months of temporary recruitment I have been learning a lot: time management, being organised, and building long standing relationships. I have learnt the true values of being dedicated to our candidates and clients. This has brought Marton Recruitment 70% of repeat business for over 10 years!

Within the temporary industry, our companies are based all over Kent in locations such as Folkestone, Ashford, Maidstone and more. The job roles range from warehouse operatives, factory workers, fork lift drivers and general manufacturing work. So if you have experience within these industries or you are interested in a new role, then please get in contact with us. We are here to assist you with multiple job opportunities (permanent or temporary jobs) to work around your life style. Now I’m a Business Development Executive and I’m very proud of my route in recruitment so far.

A little bit about me
Lilly I want people to read my blog to help them realise it’s time to stop waiting around for a new job role, the Marton Recruitment team helped me settle into my new position so quickly. I have come from a background from within the hair and beauty industry. I was so worried about the change I was making and was even more worried about having no knowledge in recruitment. Since making such a big career change, I understood you will always learn something in any job you do. And you will then take all of the great extra knowledge you have and put it into your new role.

I have found that from running a fully booked column whilst maintaining great time management has been something that I have been able to transfer into my new role here at Marton Recruitment. A perfect example of this is how I also received extensive training in health and safety in my previous role. So now when I go on to our clients warehouse sites I have the understanding of why companies must undertake certain rules and regulations.

Even if the only thing you came away with from a previous job role was great customer service or it taught you how to be on time in the morning, it all helps the process of you standing out in your new role. Everything is an experience and I truly believe if I have been able to make a career change as big as I have, then anyone can.

Lilli – Business Development Executive, Marton Recruitment