The success story of a team leader in manufacturing

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Manufacturing Team Leader Testimonial - Marton Recruitment

Today we would like to introduce you Steve Ridden, Manufacturing Team Leader at Peli Hardigg. Marton Recruitment has placed Steve at Peli in 2015, and since then he has been successfully working there. He just have been promoted, and he’s happily employed, loving his job. We had a short interview with Steve, and you can find out about his experience with Marton Recruitment, and what he thinks about our hiring process.

What was your dream job during childhood?
I think like most young guys it would have been a footballer. I was pretty reasonable, I played this at semi professional level.

What was your first job in your career?
My first job was in a family run DIY store, in the Medway towns. So, straight from school I started there, I even had to go back to school to finish off one of my exams. I was there for 18 months.

How did you find out about this job?
A young lady, called Sam, contacted me from Marton Recruitment to put me forward for the job. I had to come in the very next day for an interview at 8 a o’clock in the morning, which I made. And by lunch time, after the interview, I was called by Sam from Martons to say that I’ve been successful in my application for the job.

Team Leader Testimonial

How was the hiring process with Marton Recruitment?
It was excellent, from being talked into Martons, cause I never had a clue where it was, I was guided in, I’ve met with Sam and the team there. The whole recruitment process was excellent, from start to finish.

Was everything explained to you during the recruitment process?
Yes, very, very professional.

What do you love most about your job at Peli?
Freedom. Freedom to express myself, the freedom to build within the company. And since I’ve been here, I’ve been promoted last week. I came in as a team leader of their fun fabrication department. And then, in February, took over the store department as well. So, incorporated both jobs. And then, last week, I was promoted to Continuous Improvement Team Leader, that’s through the whole organisation.

Would you recommend Marton Recruitment to your friends?
Absolutely, I would recommend Marton Recruitment.