The myths about recruitment are dated

Since I made the decision to go down a new career path I have realised I made the best decision for myself. Although a lot of people around me had many negative things to say about recruiters, I decided to not listen to these comments and just go for it.


Changing my career to recruitment

From previously working in a B2C background I’d built up some long standing and loyal relationships with clients. But when I told them I was changing my career to go into recruitment I had comments such as “recruitment is so hard” and “I did that years ago and only lasted 10 days!”. I paid no attention and stood by my decision.


I know my clients were happy for me and I have truly realised why you shouldn’t always listen to other people’s experiences because we are not all good at the same thing and I feel recruitment is exactly where I need to be. I’m lucky enough to have confidence in building relationships and excellent communication skills. Two of the most important skills as a recruiter.


I don’t agree with the “recruiter myths”

I have found my way so naturally since starting at Marton Recruitment, and this has all been from great guidance by the team. I have learnt for myself that it is stressful in recruitment but I have pushed myself a little more every day. And I have been really pleased with my results from working hard.


I feel the recruitment industry does a lot of good for people and this isn’t necessarily always talked about and since starting my career I don’t agree with any of the “recruiter myths” simply because I find them all a bit dated.


People’s careers require a lot of care

I have over heard conversations where one person had said to another “Why don’t you go to a recruitment agency for help?” to which they replied “I can do it all myself online”. Us as recruiters aren’t here to just tell you of new job opportunities. We are also here to advise on the right role for you, delicately inform you of roles for which you might not be suitable or have not been successful and genuinely advise and care about you along your journey and help make a positive impact to your life.


I understand that dealing with people’s careers is something that requires a lot of care and attention and this is where I feel Marton Recruitment excels. Clients and candidates are happy – most of the time – and if there is any level of unsatisfaction the team will correct problems to improve the service and learn moving forward.


It’s 2019 and the future is heading in the right direction with all the latest technology that will ultimately make the hiring journey so much better for companies and their talent, and the importance to trust and rely on your recruiters as professionals who can provide access to talent that quite often companies aren’t able to.


Learn how to embrace that fear

Before I made the decision to go into recruitment I researched into what the role would involve on a daily basis and the skills I would require. When it came to looking for a position in recruitment there were numerous opportunties, but as soon as I started at Marton Recruitment I really noticed the benefits our candidates get from using our services.


I feel learning something new is what scares people away from a new career, but why let fear win? It’s time to learn how to embrace that fear and prove to yourself that you can do this!


Lilli – Manufacturing Temporaries Consultant, Marton Recruitment