The CV does not get you the job

There is no right or wrong way to write a CV, but in order to get maximum exposure for your CV you have to build it solid. You can’t allow your CV to cause any weakness to your job application. Your CV shouldn’t be a vulnerability, on the contrary, your CV should be an asset, your lasso to get the job interviews. Here are a few suggestions and tips to inject more horsepower into your CV.


Sell your experience


A CV should ideally only be 2 – 3 pages long. You don’t need to put everything down on your CV. In order to help your potential employer or recruiter, your work history should start with your most current position. Underline your achievements and responsibilities. If you have a long career history, we recommend that after a certain period of time you just outline a very brief history.


When you apply for a job try to tailor your CV to the job role you are applying for. However, if you feel like you need to include more information, please use your cover letter to help you.


Your CV introduction should be a summary of what you have achieved and the qualifications you hold. This will be in the beginning of your CV – keep it nice and short. Your introduction is your selling point, and would have to fit into 3 – 4 sentences.


CV gaps 


The best policy is to be honest. Don’t lie on your CV. Avoid adding companies where you have never worked as you can be found out quite easily. Became a parent? Fantastic, put it on your CV. Took time to upskill yourself? What course did you do, and how does it help you? A gap in your CV is only a bad thing if you don’t take time to explain why.


The CV does not get you the job


We want to reiterate here that the CV does not get you the job, but it can get you the interview! That’s when you can highlight all your skills and experiences in more detail. A CV should hold enough information about you that it makes the reader want to ask more questions and open up the conversation. In essence you need to gain someone’s interest in you.


We don’t recommend using buzz words or phrases like everyone else: “I am a team player who always goes the extra mile!”. What you can do instead is to highlight how you have done these things.


Do you volunteer at the weekends or play for a local team? Do you belong to the PTA at your child’s school? These all demonstrate how you go above and beyond without the buzz words! Be honest about your capabilities. This will help you more in the long term as you will prove to be trustworthy and loyal.


Please make sure all your contact details are up to date, correct, and clearly written on your CV. If you are looking for more information, read here How to write a good CV.