Recruitment Rowathon Event

In our attempt to support 3 great charities : Opera Global Youth Foundation, Clic Sargent – Young Lives vs Cancer & The Shepway Sports Trust we decided to embark on an 8 hour Rowathon competing against other teams to see who could row the most non stop in this time.

We are pleased to confirm that we completed the challenge and rowed from 9am to 5pm!! Our total was 90543 metres which we were very pleased with as Becky is the only one who goes to a gym (and she hates cardio!!)

Andy Knight = 21824 metres (115 minutes)
David Phillips = 20585 metres (112 minutes)
Becky Corley = 14776 metres (70 minutes)
Sam King = 12737 metres (85 minutes)
Sam Burchell (in AM only) = 5096 metres (30 minutes)
Jamie Burchell (our extra helper for the morning) = 15094 metres (68 minutes)

We have a few videos from the day which can be seen on our facebook, twitter and instagram pages including Andy kicking it all off and the moment when Sam Burchell had happy birthday sung to her and was made to blow out the candles in the middle of her row!

So for your amusement here are some of our pictures from the day!

Here is the team waiting to start the Rowathon after eating the sausage and egg mcmuffins to give them energy for the morning!

Andy kicked it all off and racked up an impressive total both with distance and time – but then again we did always say he was the most competitive!

David came a very close second and we felt his Sports Science degree definitely helped!

Spot the Becky – she was very tired after her stint so Sam decided to jump on her!

Becky wasn’t happy about the thought of rowing but she powered on through and ended up covering a fantastic distance!

Sam King had a few issues with his rowing including losing his shoe but even so he still carried on like a trooper!

Sam’s missing shoe!

Sam Burchell doing her stint before handing over the reins to her husband who is a regular gym goer and much fitter than her!

It was a great day to compete against the other teams and between us clocked up just shy of 610,000.

More information on the results can be found here where there is also still time to donate to these great causes.

We’d also like to thank the Atlantic Avengers & The Recruitment Network for organising such a great event to be a part of!