Power up your first stage interview

Before you go to the interview get ready in advance. This is crucial. First, do a thorough and detailed research about the company, and the management. Second, make sure you have all your ideas, questions, and potential topics of conversation covered. Both from a professional and personal perspective. Here is our recruiting guidance, from a successful candidate’s point of view, by Marton Recruitment.

Sum up your ideas and questions for the interview

Write all your points and take your tablet or notebook with you. Sort them in the most logical order, and add a number at each one for better visibility so you can comfortably bounce from one subject to another. Write down only the main ideas or just a few keywords, and avoid building sentences or phrases. Otherwise you may seem like you are reciting a poem…

During the interview, don’t forget to keep as much visual contact as possible with the person in front of you. Looking down in your notebook too many times won’t help, clearly it’s not something that would convey a good impression.

Set your main priorities

Make sure you highlight what you really want to say or tick during the meeting. You never know how long or short a first stage interview can be. So be prepared for any scenario. Make the list with all the questions you want to ask your potential employer. Find some suggestions in this article we wrote for you: “What questions to use at your first interview”.

Don’t dream too high

Limit yourself to normal or modest expectations, and don’t create any false assumptions before the interview. But be optimistic and have a positive attitude. Keep it real and smile.

Good luck from our team @ Marton Recruitment!