Popular benefits and perks to implement inside a company

Uplifting perks and benefits are a real attraction to any new or current employees. If a company doesn’t have any extra benefits or they don’t weigh enough in the eyes of the employees, then it would be advisable to make a review and offer something new. You can include the team and ask them to help with suggestions, and even make an internal survey.

Invest in long-term benefits
Nowadays there’s a fierce competition for talent, and anything that helps to attract new quality employees is more than welcome. When a company doesn’t have any notable benefits to offer (besides the salary & the annual leave), then you should think about what can make a difference and bring more motivation, productivity and loyalty to all employees, short term and long-term.

Make your employees feel appreciated
As a recruiting company we’ve been asked many times about the benefits and perks a company could offer to its employees. Obviously, this depends and varies according to the company size, allocated budget, what do you want to obtain or promote within the company, etc. After all, it’s all about taking care of your employees, the company’s image, and creating an atmosphere where people feel appreciated so that they can yield maximum returns.

Benefits at BBC

We made an online research and you would be surprised to find that although everyone is talking about benefits, you won’t find them a lot in the job adverts. We looked for an example: Structural Engineers jobs in London. A quarter of the jobs we found had perks and extra benefits, but some of them were really elusive. That’s why we thought we can make a list with some suggestions and ideas a company can put into practice.

On site benefits and perks

  • free parking

  • game room

  • free water, tea & coffee

  • free fruits & healthy snacks

  • haircuts once per month

  • fitness, yoga or pilates classes

  • free monthly massages & reflexology

  • dry cleaning service drop-off & pick-up


Benefits in job adverts

Other benefits and perks

  • free training

  • life assurance

  • monthly free lunches

  • objectives-based bonus scheme

  • private medical insurance

  • paid annual professional membership fee

  • support towards achieving Chartered status (for engineers)

  • a day off to volunteer

  • team buildings

  • summer BBQ / trip

  • a day off for birthdays

  • Christmas party & meal

  • coupons and discounts for different services or products

  • free branded merchandise (t-shirts, bottles, key chains, pens, hats, bags)

  • unlimited holiday – this really feels like the cherry on the cake

  • holiday reimbursement – reimburse a percentage of some of the holiday costs

  • flexible working – perhaps the most valuable benefit for employees when looking for a new job


Benefits in job adverts

There are also companies offering a thank you gift when someone leaves the company. These farewell gifts are just a small way of saying thank you and show appreciation.