Nothing falls in your lap in recruitment

I connect with a lot of people online who may not know much about recruitment. So I thought I’d share my experiences so far since joining Marton Recruitment a few years ago.


To start… I can confirm its true, time definitely flies when you are having fun! Coming into the industrial sector from nursing recruitment was a total different environment than I could have expected. Nursing recruitment is fast paced but you already have many candidates to work with and many roles to fill. The industrial temp side of things took it to a new level though and was more Usain Bolt pace than the jog I was used to as you don’t have the candidate force there ready, or shifts to place people into.


However, it was quickly apparent that although it was so fast paced, and at times very stressful, everyone offered the same care and attention to each candidate when they came through the door. This resonated with me as the genuine want to help was refreshing. And it was quite clear that Marton Recruitment takes this very seriously. Upon seeing this I could tell this was a company that does things right and isn’t just after a quick buck.


How do you know they will fit in?


This also stretched beyond candidates to the B2B side of things. Something as simple as pushing to see the site was an essential part of the process. This wasn’t just to get out the office, but as we NEED to know where we are sending people to work. We need to be able to explain the role, environment and that we’d be happy to work there ourselves. In addition, we must be sure we send the right person for the job. How do you know they will fit in? Without this knowledge it is likely you will send the wrong person and cause the company delays.


I then moved over to our permanent recruitment division, focusing on engineering within the industrial sector. We cover from concept to senior level appointments within manufacturing. As anyone should be aware in recruitment, nothing falls in your lap and it takes a lot of persistence and understanding of what you are doing to become anything close to a success. I was familiar with business and processes but not overly familiar with engineering and am by no means an engineer myself.


However, this did not stop me from spending time researching and understanding key terms and their meanings from within the kind of roles we were to work on. This also allowed me to build a network from nothing to thousands strong. Having this knowledge and willingness to learn allows me to use the top sourcing software we have to the best advantage in finding niche candidates for our jobs in Ashford, London, Kent and the South East. Through adopting and adapting processes I am able to offer opportunities to candidates and companies allowing both to grow and succeed, which is what being in recruitment should be about.


Sam King – Senior Consultant Engineering & Technical, Marton Recruitment