Exit interview – what to find out when an employee is leaving

The exit interview is possibly the best way of getting feedback about your company. Sadly, is the most underutilised tool available to managers.


When you are managing people there are few things that will definitely happen. One of them: people will leave your team, and the company. How you deal with it is vital for your company, the other team members, and also to how you are perceived.


Whether the resignation is a shock to you or not, you need to treat people with dignity and respect at all times. Especially as you will need to cover their workload moving forward, and you have to understand where they are, and what they are working on.


Why is the exit interview so important?

Simply because once an employee is leaving they are more likely to be completely honest as to the reasons why and what is happening in your organisation. This is the best time to get constructive feedback and criticism about your company.


It also gives you the opportunity to let them know about the final salary arrangements, outstanding commission, holiday pay and P45s. This can mean that the employee leaving can still have a positive impression of your organisation.


If the information gathered at an exit interview is used properly, you can potentially make good improvements within your organisation. And lower your employee exit rates.


What to find out when an employee is leaving

Why the employee is leaving – this may not be what you think so do not assume you know.
Is there anything that could have been differently to prevent the employee from leaving?
What changes could be made because of the information gathered?
What projects are outstanding that need dealing with moving forward?