Developing Customer Relationships

As a business, we’ve always been very good at being able to retain and grow relationships with our current customers. Many of our clients that we work with today we’ve been working with for well in excess of ten years, with two of those customers dating back to the early ’90s. These ultra long term relationships have meant we’ve always had a superior understanding of them.

We’re a service-driven business

Our customers have obviously changed and adapted over the years, and we’ve seen takeovers, closures, witnessed upturns, downturns and upturns again in our customers, we’ve had new contacts to build relationships with, and along the way we’ve been able to adapt our services to the ever-changing landscape in recruitment. But by being a truly service-driven business, we’ve been able to maintain, develop and build on these pre-existing relationships – something as a business that we are very proud of.

Our focus has always been service over sales, and whilst new business will always be very important, we’ve always been able to grow within our current customer base by really focussing on what we deliver to our customers and concentrating on our values of being dedicated and knowledgable whilst making sure we deliver a quality service.

Our services along the way have adapted to the changes in the industry, from multiple agency supply in the ’90s, to first and second tier supply through to tenders and winning sole supply contracts – our adaptability, expertise and learning along the way have played a major part in the services we offer.

Further changes

We’re currently witnessing further changes in an ever-growing competitive market space exacerbated by record low unemployment and a buoyant economy. By making sure we focus on our service delivery, operational investment, training and attraction of our own staff, we aim to continue our trend of building our business on the values of which we’re known today – customer satisfaction and loyalty.

A trusted recruitment service provider

This main part of our culture will always be how we service our customer base, something that has helped us stand out in our market as being a dependable, knowledgeable and trusted recruitment service provider in which you can rely on – 40+ years in recruitment is testament to this.