A strong personality is a necessity in Recruitment

I like to think of a recruiter as a prisoner trying to break their way through to the next cell, where all those billings and opportunities are just waiting to be taken. The catch is… does the recruiter have a spoon or a sledgehammer to get through that wall?


Break that wall

Recruitment can feel like you are using the spoon more than often, but the recruiter that uses their resources to the best of their ability… they have the sledgehammer. Incorporating your personality into your approach allows you to bust out the sledgehammer and break that wall.


Personality is one of the key attributes in Recruitment

Since I started to work in Recruitment I’ve come to realise that personality is one of the key attributes needed to form a successful career in the recruiting industry. Now there may be many in recruitment out there that wouldn’t take knowledge or advice from a guy who doesn’t have lots of years in the industry. I’m not concerned by that… it’s the people that come after me I want to help.


It’s a scary prospect going into a new career, let alone a Recruitment one! You hear all the warnings from friends, colleagues and family: “Recruitment? Really? Tough Industry! Good Luck!”. Know what though? They are actually right, Recruitment is tough, but chances are whoever hired you, believes in you. That’s your personality shining through that has helped you in those job interviews, it’s that reason your hiring managers have put themselves on the line and helped you to that new career path; that’s what mine did, cheers Sam and Samantha!


So often you can lose yourself trying to be ‘perfect’ with how you behave in a new role. You can start speaking like a robot on the phone or in person for example, and I don’t know about you, but it’s not very welcoming speaking to a person who sounds like a self-service checkout. I know this because I was that example! Thankfully, I have become part of a great team here at Marton Recruitment and they were quick to notice this. Becky sat with me for an afternoon and encouraged me to be my outgoing funny best as I was when not working. It really helped too as my confidence skyrocketed. Human interaction is so often a part of life that we take for granted you know…


Your drive and determination has to be unflinching

A strong personality is not just advised, it’s a necessity in Recruitment. I was told by a source that as Recruiters, most of the work you do on a daily basis, will ultimately result in no gain (a high percentage in fact). That to most can be a demoralising statistic, but your drive and determination has to be unflinching, with rejection only making you more determined to succeed, because otherwise you’ll be stuck with that spoon.


James – Resourcer, Marton Recruitment