A Beginners Guide to Recruiting

I have just started into my third month with Marton Recruitment now and I would say I’ve moved from a walking pace to a jog. I’ll be running in no time. Boxes are being ticked and confidence is growing. A second placement (Engineering role in Kent) having been secured, I feel achieving a new client is just around the corner. You could say it’s starting to feel like home.

When I accepted the job offer all those months ago I was warned Recruitment was a tough industry, an industry that had a high turnover and a bad reputation, a few horror stories here and there thrown in for good measure. I really couldn’t think differently working for Marton Recruitment. The professional and honest manner I have been exposed to is inspiring to someone who had no recruitment experience. From day one it was clear the five values the company proudly displays below its logo were not just for decoration: Ethical, Dedication, Service, Relationships and Knowledge.

It would be so easy to hide behind a phone or computer screen, but no! A personal face to face value is held in the highest regard at Marton Recruitment. We are actively encouraged to speak to our clients and candidates on an inquisitive professional level, and to discuss how we can help them. A phrase mentioned to us the other day hit home and is best describing this ideology: “We have two ears and one mouth, so we should be listening twice as much as speaking”. We want to build our knowledge so we can never stop learning in our role. How best to recruit in a specific industry then learning from the people who work day to day in that industry and then forging professional relationships with those people.

Engineering is my sector, and it is a fascinating and adventurous industry to recruit for. In the few months experience I have under my belt, I have recruited for a variety of roles already: Heat Treatment Engineers, Project Design Engineers, Quality Managers and various others to boot. It is a highly skilled sector to be recruiting in, which brings me back to Marton’s ideologies. Listening and asking questions with these skilled workers and companies has gained me a grasp on what niche attributes these people need and use to succeed.

Recruiting at Marton Recruitment
James Parker

It is vital for myself to gain an understanding of the sector where I am recruiting as these roles are so specialist that the candidates I want to find are extremely highly sought after in the first place. How can I describe a role to a potential candidate if I don’t know what the role I’m pitching involves. Again, it is why it is so important to add face value to everyone we work with. I have visited a handful of industries already and toured their sites to absorb the roles I’m recruiting and I advise any recruiter to follow suit, it has helped me.

It is a challenging sector and I make no mistake in saying I have only just scratched the surface in terms of my experience in recruiting, but in an ever-changing industry with so many technological changes, I’ll be learning every day.

If you would like to say Hi or send me your CV for one of our Engineering roles in Kent, please contact me today: James [at] martonrecruitment.com. Check our Vacancies here .

Marton Recruitment is a service led recruitment agency adding value to our partners across Engineering Services, Manufacturing, and Construction in Kent and South East.

James Parker