5 tips to ace your job interview like the Avengers

The Avengers have become very popular and they are loved by many people. If they would have to give up their superhero role, how do you think they would prepare for a job interview? Inspired by this article with the Avengers rules, we have made up our top 5 with useful tips to get ready for your best interview performance.


Public image

Make sure all your online profiles, especially the social media ones, are stripped of anything that could be embarrassing or put you in a bad light. Or at least ensure they are not public. When you arrive at your interview location and during the job interview make sure you smile when you talk. This can help you to become more calm and allows you to speak clearly. And it sends the right positive message to your potential employer or recruiter.


Train like an Avenger

Before any job interview you have to practice and train yourself to be prepared. You have to be your best version during the meeting with your potential employer. Practice, practice, practice. Speak about yourself, your skills, your experiences, come up with some specific examples, see what benefits you could bring to that company, prepare your questions for them, think about what to wear and have a Plan A and a Plan B.


Check where is the location, how you get there, and what you can do if there’s traffic. From what you eat for breakfast, what shoes you’ll pick, to that special pen and notebook you’ll take with you, nothing can be left at random. Be ready for any scenarios, just like an Avenger.


Don’t pretend to be a stuntman

Stunts of language or other nature are not welcome during a job interview. They are too risky. Don’t try things that you never used in an interview, and stay away from bad jokes. Remember to avoid saying any rumours you may have heard about the company. If you know something from a public source or media, you could ask them but quoting the source.


During the interview don’t exaggerate about yourself, your skills or experience just to impress and put yourself in a better light. If you exaggerate during the job interview, and the employer knows what you’re doing, they may have some reservations in hiring you. Or if you have the job you may not be able to do some of the things you praised throughout your interview.


Keep up the appearances

The way you look at your job interview is highly important. Make sure your hair is neat, and if you are a man, you could even have a haircut one day before. And shave if that’s the case. The teeth, ears, and nails must be clean, the same goes for your shoes. Select your accessories carefully, showing a good taste. Use your perfume in a moderate way, it shouldn’t be too strong or used in a large amount.


Sworn to secrecy

You finished the job interview and it was great. You have a good feeling about it and you feel like you are in the ninth heaven. Learn to keep a secret. Don’t start to brag about it before you receive the job offer, specifically on social media. Check if your job offer is all about what you spoke with your employer during the interview. It’s easy to get excited, but don’t let it slip too early. Wait until you sign the contract.