5 main reasons why you should provide a cover letter

There is a lot of debate about whether the cover letter is worth it or not? In our opinion, it is still worth sending it in certain situations. If your CV matches the job description perfectly, than it might not be worth sending one.


A cover letter can still help by selling in why you want to be considered for the position or why you are looking to leave your current position. Therefore, we highlight below the five main reasons why you should provide a cover letter alongside your CV.


1. Explain why you are right for the position applied for – it is not enough to say you want to work in that field. Say why you are passionate about it, and what you have done to make you decide that it is the right field for you. E.g.: “I really want to get into recruitment because I enjoy helping people find what they are looking for, and I have been in a business development based role so I would like to utilise my skills, and develop them further”.


2. Match skills not highlighted in your CV – your CV will only be a generic overview of what you have done but this is an opportunity to really demonstrate you have thought about the position, and why you are right for it.


3. Transferable skills – this is especially useful if you are looking to move into a different industry or job role.


4. Tailor it for the job you are applying for – please do not use a generic cover letter as it will put people off, especially if you say one of your skills is attention to detail…


5. Availability and notice period – be honest about this as potential employers we will want to know when you would be available. Do not be scared about having a 3 month notice period. Employers we will wait for the right candidate, and they expect it if you are in a senior position.


The best bit of advice we can give you is to make sure you read the job description fully, and your cover letter demonstrates that you have. There is no point having a generic cover letter as that would be a waste of time.