5 basic tips for job interviews

If you are in the beginning of your career, and you want to get ready for your job interviews, here is a short elementary list to build up confidence.       


Arrive 10 minutes early

This ensures that you are not flustered and gives you time to compose yourself for your job interview. This also means you should have left with plenty of time to spare so you can find the site. Avoid entering the building with more than 10 minutes earlier. Being too early isn’t good either.


Treat everyone well

Why? Well, not only because it is a decent thing to do, but because you never know who is really involved in the hiring process. The cleaner could be asked for their opinion as much as the interviewers.


Talk to the receptionist

If there’s a reception, try to talk to the person in front of you. Keep it professional, but find out about their thoughts on the company and why they like working there or not… Also, bear in mind this might be an unofficial first stage of their interview process! Watch out!


Maintain eye contact

For some people this is easy, but it may not be very comfortable when it’s during a job interview. We are not suggesting that you stare out your interviewers, but maintaining eye contact when you talk shows confidence. And they will also know you are listening to what is being asked of you. If it’s hard to look into their eyes, try to target the corner of one eye or the lower middle part of their forehead.


Ask pertinent questions

We interview lots of people both for our clients and also for our internal roles. One of the most frustrating aspects is when an interviewee doesn’t ask questions back when given the opportunity to do so. Simply put, if you don’t ask questions, you don’t look interested and from our perspective, really damages the chances of you being invited back to a 2nd stage interview or offered the role. Prepare as many questions as possible in advance so that if they’re naturally answered throughout the interview, you still have other questions that you can fall back on.