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Who are the Supplement Factory?

The Supplement Factory is trusted by many of Europe’s and some of the world’s largest nutrition and well-being brands to develop and contract manufacture their respected food supplement ranges.

Their production quality of capsules, tablets and powders coupled with a genuine GMP system helps companies to achieve the pinnacle of retail and online supplement sales.

When comparing their quality with other factory supplements you will find attention to detail at every level. Service and quality are the best in the UK as standard.

In the beginning

Since working with Marton Recruitment in October 2015, The Factory at Supplement Factory has thrived with enthusiastic, friendly employees. In 2016, Marton was signed as a sole supplier for temporary staff members and for permanent recruitment in 2018.

The Supplement Factory have always worked a family ethos and offer a very inclusive environment across the entire company functions and refer to themselves as the Forza family.

The brief

Over the last 4 years Supplement Factory were looking for a local recruitment service that understood their market, had local knowledge and shared the ethos of a business run on family values.

We were partnered with to assist in selecting candidates with right attitude and abilities across a number of functions to assist in the rapid growth of Supplement Factory.

As one of our fastest growing customers, it has been interesting and rewarding to see them grow at such pace.

Sourcing Talent

Through our local network as well as our consultants individual networks we were able to leverage these as well as using referrals and recommendations in conjunction with targeted advertising and word of mouth to target, attract and recruit talent.

As a company Supplement Factory have built an enviable reputation of caring for their employees, running ‘fun days’ and looking after the staff by way of constant support and harnessing an open and autonomous environment which is a big plus when discussing new roles with potential candidates.

Interviews & Hiring

Supplement Factory have a great understanding of what potential new hires require in a candidate driven market and the speed and flexibility they’ve adopted in their processes, such as making themselves available for interviewing at short notice, has allowed them access to talent that is in high demand.

Job offers via Supplement Factory are usually made within the first 3 days of interview and a one or two point interview process has proven to be a great success in reducing the speed of hire.

Having built a trusted partnership with Supplement Factory, potential temporary positions are offered on a ‘meet and greet’ and this has really benefitted the company in being able to make efficient placements by way of people viewing and understanding what is required of them in the environment.

Candidate Feedback

“I really enjoy my job. You do not come across many jobs or companies where you can say you are proud to be an employee of that company especially when it is developing and growing so rapidly. I look with great pleasure at how our team grows in strength and progression. Our opinions and ideas are always valued and recognised. As a company, we work together as a team by helping one another. Our relationships are built on mutual respect and trust. We get lots of support from management and I genuinely believe that they invest in our personal development because they believe in us.”

Supplement Factory Feedback

“We haven’t ever used Recruitment Services before for temporary staff but felt Samantha was very helpful and informative in her approach so much so we signed a Sole Supplier Agreement with her and Marton Recruitment in August 2016.

She always strives to keep trained staff at our facility and lets us know of any changes from her end or copes with any peaks or troughs in our demands also.
We highly recommend Samantha and the team at Marton”

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