About us


We offer you opportunities, career development and personal growth that you wouldn’t necessarily have access to at other companies. The commitment and effort our colleagues demonstrate is the key driver to you and our company’s success. We encourage a team environment, constant development, leadership training, autonomy and responsibility for achievements.
We need to exceed your expectations of what excellent and valued recruitment is and this is built from our philosophy of forming and developing deep and lasting relationships with our customer base. By partnering with people who share our views and values we’ve formed a loyal and trusted repeat customer base with relationships exceeding 20+ years. This is achieved via the effort of our people.
Margaret & Tony Knight form MARTON Recruitment with £150 and begin working from home.
Kent offices open in Ashford Kent.
Centralisation of recruitment services to Ashford Kent
Andy Knight, current MD, joins the company
Celebration of our 40th year of recruitment
To give people opportunities that positively affect their lives

Our Values

Ethical. Dedication. Relationships. Knowledge. Service.

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